Thursday, December 28, 2017

Medan, Indonesia - Day 4 & 5 (Pasar Ikan, Medan Mall, Maimun Palace)

Pajak Ikan/Pasar Ikan

For our 2nd last day, we opt for shopping.
Early in the morning, we asked our supir to bring us to Pasar Ikan.
Nama je pasar ikan, tapi bukan jual ikan ye, they're selling various kind of muslim attires, telekungs, kain-kain lace, kain yang dah tak tau jenis apa, etc.

Of course we bought a lot of telekung from here! Cantik2 and murah2!

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 Medan Mall/Pasar Sambu

We wanted to go to Pasar Sambu, cause according to Mr Google, this is another place for shopping.
Our supir sent us to Medan Mall, according to him, Pasar Sambu is right behind this mall...

In the pasar sambu, sama, banyak jual telekung, and pakaian-pakaian...
And i found what i was looking for!
Baju batik for my Rifqi! 
Yeayyy for that!
We bought a lot, cause i'm quite sure we wouldnt find in elsewhere!

Tokki and papa iqi pun beli boleh tahan jugak!

While i was choosing his baju batik, sempat dia main kat sini dgn tokki... Kat Indon pun boleh~

Dapat friend Indon lagi!

Baju batiknya bapak rifqi...

Inspired Perfumes Place

Sorry, i don't know what this place's called.
But we can get most of the popular brands perfumes from here!
I bought one bottle of Victoria Secret! ermmm ;)
It is really really cheap and it smells very similar to the original one!

Dinner at the Hotel

Since we are about to go back the next day, we decided to just have dinner at the hotel and pack our stuffs! 
It was a relaxing night.

Ordered Carbonara for me and Rifqi, as usual...

And pisang goreng cheese hotel gini lah... Presentation wise vavavoom

Istana Maimun

The last place we visited in Medan was Istana Mainum.
We request our supir to drop us there before heading to the airport!

Izzat and I managed to try out their traditional outfit while Rifqi was fast asleep...
Kalau tak tidur, boleh Rifqi pakai baju sekali! :(
Sedihhh iqi tak dapat pakai... Mama & papa je lah k!

Muka ku yang kembang semangkuk...

Jangan tak gambar dengan pengantin ni ye!

Tak sanggup nak tengok gambar ni. Nasib baik i bukan orang medan, imagine i wear this everyday wakakaka

Baby nya ketiduran~

The front view of Istana Maimun

Lepak beranda, kopi mana kopi

Finally awake as we reached the airport!

See u again in future, Medan, Indonesia!

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