Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Penang & Cameron Highland Getaway ♥ - Part 1

We have been planning our family small trip since October last year. 
When deciding on the dates to travel, we tried to avoid school holidays and any public holidays to avoid crowds. Thus, January it is! The best time to go is, the mid January, where, 1.) raining seasons is over, 2.)school has just started; 3.)not anywhere near to payday... 

There are a few places in Malaysia (and neighboring countries) been in our list, but in the end of the day, we choosed Penang & Cameron Higland, 'cause, Rifqi hasn't been to Cameron Highland, and we were craving for Penang foods, so, that's why...

13/01/2018 (Sat)

Departed from KL after breakfast and reached Penang around 5 in the evening...
It normal for parents who travel with kids to take a lot of breaks while driving for a long journey.

Our first pitstop is, GeorgeTown, to filled our stomach.
Rifqi was fast asleep as we reached, cause we already fed him at the R&R...

Kapitan Restaurant

Choosed Restoran Kapitan for some rice.
I was too eager to eat nasi kandar, so i ordered one... The dishes for the nasi kandar were not many that time, maybe because it was late evening, or this restaurant is like that... 
So, i took, fried fish egg/roe, a fried chicken, and (no veges) some bendi from curry there... 
Sorry guys, NOT reccomended

On the other hand, husband browsing the menu and ordered Biryani with Tandori Chicken.
And it was the highlight!!!
It was SO GOOD!
I mean, very nice! So delicious and wayyy different from any other mamak stalls in KL!
The Tandori Chicken tasted so so good, and the rice, hmm! Yumms!
No wonder everyones there ordered biryani...

Padan muka i sebab taknak follow the crowd :pp

Want to know how much we spent at Kapitan's?
Surprisingly, it only RM20!!!
I cool down a bit hearing that price. It matches your nasi kandar anyway! :p  

Biryani Rice with Tandoori Chicken, Kapitan Restaurant, 13 Jan 2018.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Husband's Birthday Celebration @ Naj & Belle, Bangsar.

And of course, I'm the one who suggested this place.

It's quite hard to surprise my husband nowadays u know, after i'm being his wife... When i'm with him, he doesn't allow me to drive, pastu, naik kereta sama2, macam uber, so mana ada surprise cause he'll ask me, nak pergi mana, then i cakap la, mana-mana... =.=
I WANT TO DRIVEEE!!! Tetibe...

So makan mana or celebrate kat mana is not much of surprise anymore...
Takpe i'll think of the other surprises that possible... 
Lucky that i can go anywhere berdua with Rifqi nowadays, so dapat lah i beli some gifts, without him knowing... 

Panjang pulak intro... 

So Naj & Belle it is! 
Biasalah, i saw a lot of people going there, so it is one 'in' place that we should go & try...
Plus, we haven't go foodhunting for such a long time already! :)

Went there for lunch. And when we reached there, Rifqi was fast asleep.
So it quite relaxing for us both... We ordered foods calmly and wait for our foods to arrive...

The waiters there take us to a corner not far from the restaurant entrance 'cause it is less crowded there and it's easier to take Rifqi's stroller in!

His 3rd birthday cake?! Banyak betul kek nya! This is Ferrero Cake, if i'm not mistaken.

I better pose before he wakes up!


And selfie satu kali!
Lychee Mojito, RM 13.50

My Squid Ink Spaghetti, RM29.50

His burger. Tak ingat nama tak ingat harga...
My spaghetti is here!!! Tell u what! It was loaded with prawn, and it was so delicious!

The chicken burger was yummy as well!
After the waiter served the cake, and husband blew the candle off, we decided to woke Rifqi up.
He's quite moody cause we woke him up kan!
But he has to wake up, for the sake of taking picture...
Kesian dia... 

Blew the candle with papa! :)

Biasa lah kan cranky2 dengan mama!

And finally a family photo

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Hubs birthday celebration @ Le Meridien

It's our 8th birthday together! Love u! And i need more Pandora charms sayang!

Since on his birthday itself my family was here, so we decided to celebrate his birthday together with my brother's belated birthday.

We loves buffet with affordable price, so we choosed Le Meridien Putrajaya, since they accept many credit cards and give a lot of discounts! 

Don't worry about the foods. u gonna spoilt with choices!
My favourite section is the japanese foods section which served variety of sushis and sashimis...
As for pasta section, they're made to order! U can choose the shape of pasta u want, and then the sauce...
Besides, they also have western and asian cuisines and the foods are very specific.
They have naan and tandoori for indian foods; chicken rice and many more chinese dishes; and dishes like masak lemak cili api and so on for malay dishes.

As for western cuisines, they have roasted meats, roasted veges and many more! Roasted human being je tak ada...

So many foods to choose from, so it is easier for Rifqi to choose what he wants to eat (and then throw those foods on the floor, and make me gone crazay...)

We just loveee the buffet here! That's it!
Cucu kesayangan tokki...

Happy belated birthday too puksu boy!

Our queen...

Our little family!

So hard to get a decent photos these days!

This one considered decent enough la!

See! Decent ke tak decent!

Terus jadi tak romantic gambar ni, budak depan tu...

My best friend!

Actually Rifqi wore another baju just now, but he kotorkan everything, pakai lah apa ada nak!

Tak romantic jugak sebab husband pejam mata!

My beloved!

Cucu kesayangan sorang niiii!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Upstairs Cafe

Salam. Been resting from cafe hunting for a while already. The reason is, we always had late lunch on weekend! 'Cause, the boys always woke up late and had late breakfast on weekend...
Well, Saturday is late day! That's why it fun!

Me and hubs had been to Upstairs Cafe before (click), but it is Rifqi's first time...
Tu pun kecik2 dah pergi coffee hunting :p
He just loves to go out and had meals outside sometimes...
It is walk walk mammam according to him...
And i always took him out to see the world! 

Back to upstairs cafe, we ordered cakes, coffees, and mushroom soup for that budak kecik...
He loves soup!
But still, we have to finish the soups! :p

Had a great evening here, before we headed to One Utama for window shopping sesh...

Red Velvet cake & Blueberry Cheesecake!

Got him this! His favourite of all!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

#Rifqilookbook : Resorts kinda weekend


 Top & shorts \\ Got it from Medan
Sandals \\ Havaianas (Mothercare)
Hat\\ Bought it somewhere in Melaka
Swimming suit \\ Mothercare

Medan, Indonesia - Day 4 & 5 (Pasar Ikan, Medan Mall, Maimun Palace)

Pajak Ikan/Pasar Ikan

For our 2nd last day, we opt for shopping.
Early in the morning, we asked our supir to bring us to Pasar Ikan.
Nama je pasar ikan, tapi bukan jual ikan ye, they're selling various kind of muslim attires, telekungs, kain-kain lace, kain yang dah tak tau jenis apa, etc.

Of course we bought a lot of telekung from here! Cantik2 and murah2!

 Image result for Pajak ikan

 Medan Mall/Pasar Sambu

We wanted to go to Pasar Sambu, cause according to Mr Google, this is another place for shopping.
Our supir sent us to Medan Mall, according to him, Pasar Sambu is right behind this mall...

In the pasar sambu, sama, banyak jual telekung, and pakaian-pakaian...
And i found what i was looking for!
Baju batik for my Rifqi! 
Yeayyy for that!
We bought a lot, cause i'm quite sure we wouldnt find in elsewhere!

Tokki and papa iqi pun beli boleh tahan jugak!

While i was choosing his baju batik, sempat dia main kat sini dgn tokki... Kat Indon pun boleh~

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Medan, Indonesia - Day 3 (Horse riding, strawberry picking & pasar buah at Berastagi)

Sibayak Hotel, Berastagi

In Berastagi, we choosed Sibayak Hotel. 
It is an old hotel, with good reviews! That's why we choose this hotel!
The rooms are like the traditional hotel, ala2 hotel kita selalu stay zezaman 90-an...

One thing, since in Malaysia, we read others blogs about  Medan, and most of the Malaysian said it is cold, in Berastagi.
Even when we were in Danau Toba, the people there kept on saying that Berastagi is cold, and kept on convince us to buy sweater for Rifqi :p
But, GUYS! No! Berastagi is not cold!!!
It around 21°C
Cameron Highland lagi sejuk rasanya...
Panas ada lah...
And the hotel tak ada aircond! Imagine! 

So since i brought sweatshirt for Rifqi, baru beli pulak tuuu, kena pakai jugak lah ye nak...

Pictures around the hotel.

Sebab baru pandai jalan, so macam2 gaya...

Friday, December 15, 2017

Medan, Indonesia - Day 2 (Danau Toba, Pulau Tomok, Sipiso Waterfall)

 See! I decided to blog again this morning! I've found perfect spot to blog haha... In the living room and Rifqi is watching tv and playing with his toys!

Atsari Hotel, Danau Toba

I'll proceed with some pictures of Atsari Hotel!
Just love the landscape so much, thus, we took a lot of pictures around the hotel!
We decided not to swim this morning, sebab nak pergi awai ke Pulau Samosir.
But guess what, our supir buat hal and he reached us at 10am, sedangkan, we were already done with breakfast at 8.30am...  Jangan amik supir from Pak Yudi okay!

The breakfast at the hotel was ok! Served with nice indonesian dishes, lontong(tapi diaorang panggil soto), some noodles, assorted kuih, nasi goreng sampai 3 types, pedas, tak pedas, sederhana pedas :p and so on...

on the way to the cafe for breakfast

Iqi dah mandi, but pakai kan dia baju semalam first sbb for sure he will kotorkan during breakfast!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Medan, Indonesia : Part 1 (Arrival & journey to the Danau Toba)

Assalamualaikum and hey! 
I better update about this trip right now, before another trip's coming up (eh, ada ke?)
No lah, takde pun...

Been delaying this post for a month plus (almost 2), busy laaahhhh... Jaga budak kecik sorang tu...
So now, here is some of the memories that remained in my head, about our impromtu trip to Medan, Indonesia ♥

This busy lil boy is at sama-sama hotel waiting for his flight!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Ten Years @ Sunway Pyramid

Too much of Sunway Pyramid, so we don't know where else to dine.
But we saw this newly opened (tak tau lah betul2 new ke or kitaorang takperasan) restaurant, we both agreed to try!

This restaurant served various kind of Malaysian dishes and some fusion dishes!
Their foods were inspired from many states in Malaysia!
That is the interesting fact of this eatery!

So i tried out their fusion dish, Prawn Curry Carbonara & hubsy tried out their Nyonya laksa.
The price ranging from RM15 to RM 25.

Loves both of the dishes!
And i'm eager to come again to try out more dishes!!! ♥

So yummy!

Prawn Curry Carbonara

Nancy Nyonya Laksa